5 Easy Acts of Kindness Under $5

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Last Updated on November 29, 2021

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Acts of kindness matter

What is Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Each February (this year it’s 2/17!) Random Acts of Kindness day comes around and everyone tries to do something kind, but do we really need a special day to be kind? The answer is HECK NO, but it is a great reminder that there are so many small things we can do to be kind more often!

Being kind doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and there are even tons of things you can do for free! Today I’m sharing 5 Random Acts of Kindness you can do for under $5 that are great for any time you feel like being a little extra kind.

5 Random Acts of Kindness Under $5

Send a Handwritten Note

Y’all I love snail mail – there’s nothing better than getting a sweet handwritten note in the mail! With everything being so digital these days, taking the time to pick out a pretty card, write a little note, and send to someone you love is so thoughtful and can really brighten their day.

I’m a sucker for Hallmark cards because they have so many great designs and the embellishments make them a little extra special! I found a few packs on Amazon that include cards for all kinds of occasions and each card only ends up being around $1.50-$2.00 depending on the pack you pick.

It would also be a really fun idea for kids to draw pictures or write notes to send to their loved ones or even to a local nursing home to cheer up the residents!

My grandma LOVES to get handwritten letters in the mail and I don’t send them to her often enough so I’ll definitely be sending her a sweet note to brighten her day!

Donate to a Charity

There are so many amazing charities doing great work for their causes and many of them are run mainly on donations. No donation is too small, and if you are tight on money you can always donate items on your charity’s wish list or items they can auction off to make money.

I am a huge animal lover and support a small charity in my hometown of Lakeland FL, Faith Equine Rescue, who does amazing work to help rehabilitate and rehome abused and unwanted horses in Florida. I try to help support them once a month, even if it’s just donating a small amount – trust me it all adds up!

So if you’re looking for a random act of kindness you can do all year long, pick a cause that’s important to you and make a commitment to donate a specific amount or unused clothes, home, or other items to that organization each month!

Send Cookies to the Troops

Y’all I love Girl Scout cookies, especially Thin Mints, but did you know that you can donate a box of cookies to our troops when you’re buying your favorite cookies? Not only are you supporting an awesome little girl with your purchase, but your donated cookies get shipped out to our troops at no extra cost for you.

Did I mention it only costs $5 to send a box to our troops so it’s a really affordable act of kindness! If you’re interested in sending a box or a few to the troops you can check out Ella’s Cookie Sale page. She is my boss’ daughter and loves selling boxes for the troops! Don’t forget to snag a box or two for yourself too!

You can also DIY your own cookies and give to someone you know as a pick-me-up if you’re feeling crafty! Check out my DIY Cookie Decorating post for my favorite tips and tricks!

Buy Someone’s Coffee

If you’re a coffee gal like me then you hit up your favorite coffee shop at least once a week. A great way to make someone’s day is to purchase their coffee!

Every few weeks I will tell the person at the cash register that I’d like to buy coffee for the person in line behind me. You can also purchase a $5 gift card and ask the barista to give it to the next person in line to put towards their order.

It’s always such a nice surprise for that person to find out that their coffee has been paid for! This is one of my favorite acts of kindness because it’s so simple and inexpensive to do, but that free coffee can truly make someone’s day!

Volunteer Your Time

Time is money and so essential for many non-profits! If you’re on a budget or want to get involved with an organization on a more personal level, volunteering your time is a great way to get started.

Whether you go by yourself, with friends, or family, organizations will welcome the help. Pick a cause that’s important to you and do some research on local non-profit organizations in that category. Pick one or two and look on their website for volunteer opportunities. Guess what? It’s free and can make a huge difference for the organization.

Some of my favorite volunteer opportunities are walking dogs for an animal rescue, reading to kids through an educational organization, and creating marketing materials to help non-profits get their name out there.

Random Acts of Kindness Day Conclusion

While Random Acts of Kindness Day only happens once a year, I hope you’ll use it as a reminder that it is so easy to be kind all year round if we put our minds to it. I wanted to share a list of 5 acts of kindness under $5 that has something for all ages because you don’t have to be a certain age to be kind.

I hope you’ll try one of these ideas and maybe even all 5! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or write in the comments if you do try any of these ideas so I can share!

What is your favorite random act of kindness?

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. Sharing some coffee or ice cream to strangers makes me feel so good. Better than receiving, absolutely.

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