Easy Budget-Friendly Decor Tips for Seasonal and Holiday Decorating

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Last Updated on April 20, 2021

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Changing Up Your Home Decor on a Budget

I love to decorate for the holidays and seasons throughout the year, but purchasing all those decor pieces can be expensive. I’m sharing the budget-friendly decorating tips I use when decorating my own home for different seasons and holidays along with a few of my favorite home decor finds!

My Favorite Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Have a Few Anchor Decor Pieces

Anchor decor pieces are essential for seasonal and holiday decorating on a budget! I’ve found that purchasing just a few great anchor pieces is the most helpful for budget-friendly decorating.

So what the heck is an anchor decor piece?

Anchor decor is a collection of pieces you love that don’t have a specific holiday or theme. They may all fall within a particular decor style such as Farmhouse or Modern, but shouldn’t be holiday or theme specific. Having these anchor pieces is key because they can act as “neutrals” meaning they can be paired with any of your holiday or theme decor throughout the year.

So how do anchor decor pieces help you decorate on a budget? Instead of purchasing all new decor for every holiday, season, or theme, you can buy a few things to pair with your anchor pieces to create a new look without spending a fortune!

These are a few of my favorite Farmhouse decor anchor pieces:

Pillow Covers Can Change a Whole Look

I know it sounds silly, but simply swapping out the covers on your throw pillows can make a HUGE difference in the look of your space and is one of my favorite budget-friendly decorating tips! Notice I didn’t say swap out your throw pillows because it isn’t as cost efficient and it takes a lot of space to store all of those pillows.

By purchasing throw pillow inserts in the size of your choice (I use 18×18 on my sofa) and simply swapping out the covers, you can save money and storage space while creating a whole new look. I recommend having two throw pillows on each side of your sofa.

The first pair should be anchor pieces, meaning whatever pillow cover you choose should be pretty neutral. I’m currently using faux leather covers on my sofa and I love that have a bit of a masculine feel which helps balance some of my more feminine decor pieces.

Once you have your neutral pillow covers chosen your other set of pillows can be all about the holiday or season you’re decorating for! I chose these buffalo plaid pillow covers with adorable little pom poms to go with my winter decor and they were so affordable. For spring, I’ll be swapping them out with a pretty pink and white stripe pillow with pom poms. This budget-friendly decor swap only costs around $20 (depending on the covers your choose) and gives the room a totally different look!

Here are some of my favorite neutral anchor pillow covers:

AND here are some of my favorite fun, seasonal, and holiday pillow covers:

Tiered Trays Are Perfect for Budget-Friendly Decorating

Y’all I love a good tiered tray because the decorating possibilities are endless! One of the reasons they are such a budget-friendly decor piece is because you only have to buy the actual tray once and all the mini decor you actually decorate it with can be as cheap or expensive as you want!

There are so many gorgeous trays out there at different price points, but I’ve found you can get a well-made tray in the $40-$60 range. I prefer a two-tier tray, but I also love the look of a three-tier tray too!

My tiered trays typically cost between $20-$30 to create, but the best thing about decorating your own tiered tray is that you can make them as budget-friendly as you want!

I love shopping at Target’s Bullseye Playground, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar General when I’m looking for budget-friendly decor, but I also try to purchase from makers and small businesses as well! For St. Patrick’s Day I snagged this adorable little cauldron from Spackle Me Sweet and it fits perfectly with my other decor.

To help keep your costs down, snag a few anchor pieces that can be used for any holiday or season and use things you already have in your home. There are also a ton of great DIY projects that can help you save a little cash

In the fall I purchased some small wooden bowl fillers and a package of faux florals. Neutral pieces like these are great for budget-friendly decorating because they can be used across different holidays and seasons. I included them in my Valentine’s Day tray above and ended up using the wooden balls in again in my St. Patrick’s Day tray saving me a few bucks!

Tiered trays can also be used to display food or desserts if you’re hosting! A tray full of decorated cookies would be so fun and double as a decor piece for a gathering. You can buy some from a local bakery of DIY your own using my cookie decorating tips!

Wreaths for a Tight Decor Budget

The Budget- Friendly Neutral Wreath

The front door is where I love to start when decorating for a season or holiday because it’s the first thing people see. There are so many cute signs and wreaths out there, but purchasing one for each holiday or season can get expensive.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t use the same wreath all year long, but I tend to buy one wreath that’s an anchor piece that can be used the majority of the year and then maybe one holiday or season specific wreath. I recommend looking for something with simple greenery. I love this boxwood wreath from Hobby Lobby because it’s a blank slate!

The best thing about a neutral wreath is that you can customize it for any holiday or season with budget-friendly decor items like ribbon or wreath picks. The possibilities are truly endless with this method!

Check out some of these adorable (and affordable) pieces below that will take your wreath into any holiday or season.

The Splurge Seasonal or Holiday Wreath

Y’all I love my neutral wreath and all the money it saves me when decorating for different seasons and holidays, BUT I always snag one special wreath for a season or holiday that lasts a few months like Summer or Fall.

This year I didn’t purchase one for myself, but I did get this custom beach/summer themed wreath made as a housewarming gift for my grandparents for their new beach condo!

Thea from Memor Wreaths makes the most amazing custom wreaths and the possibilities are literally endless! She included all the little elements I asked for including my grandparent’s sweet pup Annie. You can see all of her amazing work on her Instagram @memorwreaths and DM her with any questions or if you want to order. Seriously y’all, my experience working with her couldn’t have been better!

Final Thoughts on Budget-Friendly Decor

Decorating a space should be fun regardless of your budget! With these tips budget-friendly decorating for holidays and seasons is possible. Remember, you don’t have to re-do all of your decor to add holiday or seasonal flair.

One of my favorite things about decorating is that sometimes just switching up one or two items in a space can make it look completely different. I hope y’all find these budget-friendly decorating tips helpful and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions in the comments or on Instagram (@soulofasouthernhome)!

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