DIY Fall Gift Basket Under $20!

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Last Updated on February 4, 2021

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Fall gift baskets under $20

Creating the Perfect Gift Basket on a Budget

Gift baskets are a great gift for any occasion and are such an easy DIY! It’s easy to put a personal touch on each basket with special goodies such as baked goods, bath products, candles, or even a handwritten note. Today I’m sharing my recent fall gift baskets DIY that I gave to my new neighbors as a little fall treat – OH and they were under $20 each!

Chocolate Chip Mini Loaves

The Supplies

I made 6 baskets at one time, but here’s the list of supplies to make one basket:

  • 1x basket/bowl
    • I used these cute buffalo plaid bowls from the dollar store, but you can use any container of your choosing. I love using a decorative container rather than a gift box/bag because the recipient can use it in their home after they unwrap your gift instead of just throwing it away
  • Mini Loaf Cakes
  • Mini Candles
    • Let’s be real – the only thing getting lit in my house are my fall candles! I love adding mini candles with yummy fall scents to gift baskets. I ordered a few scents from Merchant Sixteen, but you can also pick them up from the dollar store, Target, etc.
  • Notecards
    • Adding a handwritten note to your gift basket is the perfect personal touch! I mean how dang cute are these notecards from Walmart?! I also loved this notecard pack from Amazon too!
  • Small Cellophane Treat Bags
    • These are perfect for wrapping up your mini loaves to keep them fresh. I love that they are see-through so you can still see all the yummy goodness through the packaging

The Cost Breakdown

  • Bowl: $3
  • Baking Ingredients: $10 (less if you have some of the ingredients already!)
  • Mini Candle: $4
  • Notecard: $1
  • Cellophane Bags: $1

Total Cost: $19

Final Touches

Once your mini loaf cakes are fully cooled, wrap them in the cellophane bags. Place two loaves in each bowl and add a mini candle of your choice. Don’t forget to write a personal note and place your notecard in the bowl.

You’re perfect little fall basket is ready to be gifted! Spending money on gifts around the holidays can get excessive and too costly, but it doesn’t have too.

You can create a sweet gift basket for any person or occasion by simply switching up the recipes and items to match the person’s interests or holiday theme!

Want to do a Christmas theme? Check out my post on budget friendly statement ornaments to include in your gift basket!

What items would you include in a gift basket? I’m always looking for new inspiration!

XOXO y’all!

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