Host the Perfect Cookie Decorating Party for Any Occasion

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Last Updated on December 8, 2021

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Cookies decorated with icing and candy

Why Host a Cookie Decorating Party?

Some of my favorite memories as a child are of the amazing cookie decorating parties my mom used to host every Christmas! Picture a table full of holiday shaped sugar cookies, icing in every color, and bowls of everyone’s favorite candies – it was heaven!

My friends and I would sit and decorate cookies for hours, drinking hot chocolate, and having the best time! What I love so much about a cookie decorating party is that it’s perfect for any occasion or holiday and can be done for kids or adults! Want to host your own get-together? Here are all my tips and tricks for hosting the best cookie decorating party ever!

Gather Your Set-up & Cookie Decorating Supplies

Hosting a party can seem daunting, but a cookie decorating get-together doesn’t have to be! I like to start the party planning process with a list of all the party & cookie decorating supplies I need to have to make it a success. I’m sharing my tips and tricks for everything from set-up and cookie decorating to some of my favorite snack and drink recipes to make your party a hit!

The Set-up

While the set-up certainly isn’t the most fun of the party planning process it’s key for a cookie decorating party because – HELLO – all that decorating can be messy! Here’s my list of supplies and a few of my top tips and tricks to get you started:

  1. Plastic tablecloth
    • Pro Tip: This is KEY for easy clean-up after the party is over. You can find really cute options to match your theme that are reasonably priced! After the party is over all you have to do is throw it out with all the mess wrapped up inside!
  2. Heavy Duty Paper Plates
    • Pro Tip: I love using these to decorate the cookies on because they help contain loose candies and sprinkles. Plus, at the end of the party it’s so easy to wrap the plate in foil or saran wrap for guests to take their cookies home with them!
  3. Bowls to hold icing and candy toppings
  4. Piping bags and knives for icing
    • Pro Tip: Use knives from home (mini spreaders work best) and instead of buying special piping bags, fill a Ziploc bag with icing and snip one of the bottom corners!
  5. Paper towels and wet wipes for messes

Now that you have all your set-up supplies it’s time to get into the fun stuff – cookies and toppings!

Child decorating cookies with icing

Baking the Cookies

The best thing about a cookie decorating party is that there are no rules! You can change up the formula I use when I host to incorporate the things you love. I prefer to use sugar cookies when I host a decorating party, but you can use any kind of cookie recipe you want!

The last few parties I’ve hosted I’ve used A Latte Food’s Soft Cutout Sugar Cookie Recipe and it’s been great! No matter what recipe you use, I definitely recommend using cookie cutters to make shapes ready for decorating! Below are a few of my favorite cookie cutter sets for different themes:

You can literally find cookie cutters for any theme making it even easier to host a cookie decorating party for an occasion. Now that you’ve got your cookies baked it’s time bring on the decorations!

Cookie dough cut into shapes

Cookie Decorating Toppings

There are so many professional-style tools and toppings to make gorgeous cookies that look like they’ve come straight from the bakery, BUT they can be so expensive! Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any fancy tools or toppings to make adorable cookies! Here are some of my favorite options for cookie decor:

  • Icing:
    • There’s no wrong way to do icing when it comes to decorating cookies! You can either buy the typical icing containers from the grocery store or try your hand at making icing that dries hard (like the professionals) using Real Housemom’s easy recipe!
  • Food Coloring:
    • Grab a pack of food coloring in your favorite colors (don’t forget you can mix colors to create new ones!) to make a variety of colored icing perfect for decorating
  • Candy Toppings:
    • There are so many candy varieties out there that make perfect decorations for cookies! Think candies like M&M’s, Skittles, Nerds, crushed up candy canes, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and so many more!
      • Pro Tip: To help keep costs down, have each of your guests bring their favorite candy topping to the party! Then fill in the gaps with any must haves they won’t be bringing

So you’ve got your set-up, cookies, and toppings – you’re ready to go! BUT if you want to add a little extra hospitality & deliciousness to your party, make a few easy appetizers and a fun drink (or cocktail!) that go with your theme!

Christmas tree cookie decorated with icing and sprinkles

Add Appetizers & Drinks

You 100% DO NOT have to serve food and drinks, trust me there will be plenty of cookie eating going on! If you’re feeling a like a hostess with the mostest and want to add an appetizer and drink it doesn’t have to be a lot of extra work. Here are a few easy recipe suggestions for different themes:

copper mug with cocktail topped with dried apple

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Now you’ve got all my tips and tricks for hosting the best cookie decorating party ever – so what are you waiting for?! Whether you’re looking for a fun idea for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fall, a kid’s or adult’s get together, a cookie party is the perfect solution!

Scale it up or down, pick any theme, personalize your toppings, appetizers, and drinks – a cookie decorating party is truly the most flexible event making it great for any occasion!

What theme would you choose for your cookie decorating party?

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    1. It can definitely be tough with little ones, but I think the key is making everything disposable for easy cleanup. Paper plates, clorox wipes, and a plastic tablecloth can be game changers when it comes to cleaning up!

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