Perfect Tiered Tray Decor Ideas for Every Holiday & Season

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Last Updated on April 6, 2022

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Tiered Trays are the Perfect Anchor Decor Piece

Y’all I love tiered trays because they are such a versatile decor piece! By simply changing out your tiered tray decor, you can incorporate it into your overall home decor regardless of the holiday or season.

In my post about budget-friendly home decorating, I talk about anchor pieces and how essential they are to decorating on a budget. Anchor decor pieces are typically neutral and tend to be those year-round items that can stay out regardless of the holiday or season you’re decorating for. A tiered tray is one of my favorite anchor pieces because you only have to buy it once and it can be used every single day!

The possibilities for decorating a tiered tray are endless and I’ve seen so many fun and unique themes. Here I’m sharing my favorite tiered tray decor ideas and inspirations for holidays and seasons throughout the year!

Holiday Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day

I love decorating my tiered tray for Valentine’s Day because it’s a really fun way to tell your love story or just add a pop of pink and red to your decor! Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day tiered tray decor ideas:

This is one of my personal tiered tray designs and I love how it turned out! I included a mix of things I had in the house, a nod to my fiance and I’s love story, and goodies I purchased. Here are links to some of my favorite items:

St. Patrick’s Day

I never used to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day because it seemed like such a fuss and not really in the budget to decorate for only half the month. Now that I have a tiered tray, I love decorating for this fun, whimsical holiday! It was so easy to purchase a few small St. Patrick’s Day decor pieces to mix with my anchor pieces to create a budget-friendly decor statement that was the perfect holiday decor for my home.

Here are some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day tiered tray decor ideas for :

This is the top of my 2021 St. Patrick’s Day tiered tray and it’s one of my favorites! The possibilities are truly endless with tiered trays and this design really showed me that.

I ended up unscrewing the top tier and flipping it over to the flat side so I could use this felt wreath from Target as a backdrop & I love how it came out!

I snagged this adorable lucky pot of gold from Spackle Me Sweet and it was the perfect addition to this sweet gnome and rolling pin from Hobby Lobby.

St. Patrick's Day Ladder Tiered Tray

How stinkin’ cute is this tiered tray by Alanna’s Design Studio?! One thing I haven’t included in many of my tiered tray designs are mini wooden signs, but now that I see how adorable these are I can’t wait to snag a few and add them to my next tray!

The options are endless and Alanna’s Etsy shop has beautiful designs for every holiday and season! She also carries mini rolling pins, beaded garlands, mini wooden houses and much more. Any of her pieces would be a great addition to your tiered tray and something you could use year after year!


Easter is such a fun holiday to decorate for because it kicks off all things spring! Plus, who doesn’t love adorable bunny rabbits, colorful florals, and carrots?! I usually put my Easter decor the day after St. Patrick’s Day and keep it up through Easter Sunday, but sometimes I leave it up a few extra days because it sparks so much joy!

Here are some of my favorite Easter tiered tray decor ideas:

I was so excited to decorate my tiered tray for Easter! I found so many great pieces and I’ll even be able to use a few in other tray setups.

Using a mixture of anchor decor and more specific holiday or seasonal decor can make decorating your home more budget friendly. I found the blue truck at Hobby Lobby and the twine balls at Dollar General for a steal and they are perfect anchor decor pieces!

I snagged this sweet bird with bunny ears from Target and it adds the perfect pop of pink. My favorite piece is Peeps Ladder! I mean how cute is that little sign?

I find most of my tiered tray decor from Very Jane & I love that because they’re a short-term deal site they have new items every day! Check them out for affordable, stylish decor by Violet Fox and other makers/ shops!

Easter Bunny Spring Tiered Tray Decor

When I saw this adorable DIY tray & Easter set-up I was in love! Renee from @dugansgirls has so many easy and affordable home decor DIY’s that can really elevate your space.

Can you believe she made this adorable white, farmhouse tiered tray for under $20?! She snagged her candlestick when out thrifting, the square wood pieces and white chalk paint from Walmart and a few circular wood pieces from Dollar tree for extra height to create this fun decor piece!

She may have it decorated for Easter, but this DIY tiered tray is perfect for any season or holiday. If you’ve been wanting a tiered tray but don’t feel like you can justify the heft price tag for some of the popular ones you see in Instagram, this is a great way to get started! DIY’s like this are some of my favorite to share because they make home decor accessible to everyone, regardless of budget!


I always see so many fall themed trays, but I love the idea of decorating a tiered tray just for Thanksgiving! It would make the perfect centerpiece or party decor. I like to change up my tiered tray decor every month or so and a Thanksgiving theme would be the perfect way to switch things up from more generic fall themed decor!

Y’all this Thanksgiving tray designed by The Stamped Cottage is everything! Aleks creates the most gorgeous stamped books for every season and theme!

They pair perfectly with any seasonal or holiday decor and always have the cutest sayings. This Thanksgiving tiered tray features all the best things about this holiday – I mean how cute are those turkeys and mini pumpkin pie?!

If you’re looking for the perfect piece to complement your holiday or seasonal tray decor, check out all the sweet book stacks The Stamped Cottage has in their shop. P.S. you can even use these for decor accents around the house making them the perfect versatile decor piece!


There are so many amazing themes you can use for a Christmas tiered tray including everything from Santa and reindeers to Christmas trees or the Grinch. I usually keep my Christmas themed tray up until the 26th before switching to a more seasonal Winter theme for the month of January. Creating a more whimsical look for Christmas is my favorite because I always think of it as such a fun and playful holiday, but something a bit more serious can also be so gorgeous!

Here are some of my favorite tiered tray decor ideas for Christmas:

This adorable tiered tray set-up by Dewes Designs is the perfect addition to your Christmas home decor! I love the sweet reindeer sign with the bright red nose and the fun mini ladder.

If you’re obsessed with farmhouse mini book stacks like I am this little stack would be the perfect piece for your tiered tray! You can snag these pieces and so many more from Dewes Designs to create your own Christmas tiered tray!

One of my favorite things to do with my tiered trays is incorporate personal touches or sentimental pieces.

See that cute polar bear momma and babies? That was a special decor piece that my sweet Nana handed down to me and it brings me so much joy to be able to incorporate it into my Christmas decor in a modern way!

Mixing old pieces with a few newer items can really make a tiered tray set-up extra special! I picked up the pinecone and ornament fillers from Target along with the Merry sign and Christmas Door ornaments to complete the look.

wood tiered tray decorated with white christmas decor

Renee from @dugansgirls has done it again with this gorgeous white Christmas tiered tray! Who says Christmas decor has to be red and green? The crisp whites and greens paired with the rustic wood tray give the perfect winter forest vibe!

If you’re trying to acheive a more natural look with your tray display adding in faux or real greenery is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Bottle brush trees and mini wreaths are great for adding height, texture, and a little something extra to your tray.

Another great way to make your tiered tray stand out is to have a few of your decor pieces hanging off or over the sides of the tray like Renee’s lantern. It makes the set-up feel a little less perfect and rigid and more “lived in” as if it was meant to be there.

If you run out of pieces to put on your tray try to find other household items in the same color scheme that could be a good fit! This gorgeous candle from @coppercandleco fits right into the white Christmas theme and that cute “Holiday Cheer” label even adds a little extra touch.

Seasonal Tiered Tray Decor Ideas


Y’all Spring is such a fun season to decorate for because there are so many different ways to do it! Personally I love all things bumble bees and flowers, but I’ve seen so many unique ideas that show the possibilities truly are endless.

Here are some of my favorite Spring tiered tray decor ideas:

This unique take on a tiered tray is so fun! I’ve been wanting to get a mini chair like this for my home to use as another tray. Crazy Bout Crafts’ spring set-up is so vibrant and really gives me all the spring vibes.

Wooden 3D flowers are a great addition to your tiered tray display, especially for spring! I snagged one of Erica’s gorgeous wood sunflowers and can’t wait to use it in my spring, summer, and fall tray!

You can shop these and so many more goodies for your tiered tray decor collection in her Etsy shop Crazy Bout Crafts.

Y’all The Sassy Oak’s bee themed tiered tray decor is PERFECT for spring! I love using a unique theme for seasonal decor because there are so many ways to represent each season.

Brantley’s mini wooden signs and garland are just what your tiered tray needs this spring. I mean how stinkin’ cute is that little bee garland hanging on the top tier of her tray?!

You can shop her bee tray decor along with so many other adorable themes in her Etsy shop The Sassy Oak!


Summer is perfect for decorating with bright colors and fun themes! Whether you’re dreaming of the beach or just want to add a pop of color and whimsy to your decor, a summer tiered tray is the perfect way to do it at any budget!

Here are a few of my favorite tiered tray decor ideas for summer:

Strawberry lemonade gives me all the sweet summer vibes! I love decorating for this sunny season because there are so many different theme options you can go with.

This set from All the Days Creations is such a fun theme and one I’ve actually never seen before! It includes everything you need to create the perfect summer tiered tray set-up. My personal favorites are that adorable juice box and the pretty little lemons (you could even use these on a Spring display!).

You can find this set and so much more in All the Days Creation’s Etsy shop!

Y’all this beach themed tiered tray is the perfect decor for any beach babe! You don’t have to have a beach house to celebrate all things beachy in your home! Ocean themed tiered tray decor is a great alternative Summer theme!

Chalk to Me Design Co. makes the cutest beach themed decor. My favorites are her adorable garlands that gold seashell mini sign!

Amanda has so many awesome collections in her Etsy shop including some really unique themes like Harry Potter Magic and Back to School!

If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate your love for all things beachy, this gorgeous mermaid themed decor by Sandford Designs is perfect!

You can also incorporate some of Jessica’s beautiful pieces into summer or beachy decor you already have on hand for a totally unique look. My favorite piece in this set is the book stack! Y’all the details of the font and gorgeous mermaid are perfection!

They carry so many different sets in their Etsy shop including Disney princess, Starbucks, and Farmhouse themes!

Check out Sandford Designs on Etsy to snag this set and so many others!


Decorating for fall is always one of my favorites because of all the warm & cozy colors! There are so many great themes you can use if you don’t want to decorate for a specific holiday like Halloween or Thanksgiving. I’ve seen everything from scarecrows and fall nature to apple cider and pumpkins and they always have the most beautiful color schemes to celebrate this beautiful season!

Check out these fall & autumn tiered tray decor ideas:

Y’all know I love all the fall colors and my tiered tray from last year definitely showed it! I kept my decor simple this time around to really let the colors pop on my tray.

Everything on this tray was from Hobby Lobby & if you wait till their fall decor goes on sale you can get some really cute pieces at a great price! I’m definitely going to add some new pieces from a few small shops and makers to really make this tray special.

If you want to keep your tray decor budget friendly, try picking one piece that you love from a small shop and getting your other elements at the dollar store or another big box store when they are on sale!

Unique Theme Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

Food & Drinks

Sometimes the typical seasonal or holiday tiered tray themes just don’t cut it or you need a decor piece perfect for a party – that’s where food & drink themed trays come in! I’ve seen everything from smores and donuts to hot cocoa and fruit. Try a food or drink themed tray for your next party or when you want to switch up your decor!


For those months where you just want something a little different than typical seasonal decor a smores theme is such a fun idea! Whether you just want to add a little whimsy to your home or need a decor piece for the smore station at your next bonfire, this setup by DIY Farmhouse Love is perfect.

Esmeralda has gorgeous decor for every holiday and season in her Etsy shop Handmades by Esmeralda, but this set-up is my favorite!

Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream, especially during those hot summer months! 6211 Design’s ice cream tiered tray decor set is simply to die for. I mean does it get much cuter than that retro ice cream truck?!

This set would be perfect for an alternative summer theme or great as decor for a party! I love using unusual and surprising themes for my tiered trays so they feel unique to me and my home. Snag this set and so many more in the 6211 Design Shop!

Where to Find Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

There are so many amazing tiered tray decor ideas out there & I love getting inspiration from other creators, small shops, and home decor gurus! Check out my favorite resources for tiered tray decor ideas below:

  • Instagram:
    • Try searching these hashtags: #tieredtraysandholidays, #tieredtraysaremyjam, #tieredtraysofinstagram
  • Pinterest:
    • Pinterest is a great resource for tiered tray decor ideas. Try searching by a specific season or holiday to help you find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Facebook:
    • There are tons of Facebook groups with tips and tricks for decorating tiered trays! Try searching “tiered tray decor ideas”, “tiered tray decor”, or “decorating tiered trays” in the groups section of Facebook to find some awesome communities to join

Final Thoughts on Seasonal & Holiday Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

Tiered trays are perfect for beginner & advanced decorators alike! Getting started is easy and you can even use items you already have when you first start out to help keep costs down. For lots of tiered tray decor ideas check out all the great businesses above and be sure to search Pinterest, Google, Facebook, and Instagram because there are so many gorgeous creations out there!

What are your favorite tiered tray decor ideas?

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